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Fairy Houses - New

It's been a crazy busy summer so far. I've been busy writing, making fairy houses and my Earthen faeries and I thought I should post some of my lastest.

I have a Hansel and Gretel house which took a very long time to create. Paper clay that I make from scratch was what I used to drap over the roof of this paper mache house. I put it on in hopes that it looked like frosting. =)  I painted it with a pearl white paint then came the varnish and fairy dust. Very happy with the results. I then handmade each individual candy piece that surrounds the house. Inside is eerie with witch traits. I sculpted a Hansel and Gretel doll from Polymer clay.



I also have a new faery art display. This has Earthen Faery Janet Sue and a magic mirror that the Woodland Faery Witch comes out of.. scary. Note that Janet Sue is reading a Frankenstein book.


 Also, as part of my Dreamscape Nightmare series is a Melinda Lou.. she is having a nightmare and cuddles her quilt closely.


I'm finishing up my Woodland Fairy Museum which honestly, I have a hard time selling it.. it really turned out well. It's a heavy piece too.

Also a small acorn fairy house, a scary woodland faery castle, a tree house and more are in the works.melindalou


Thanks for your support of my work!


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