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"Village Vendors" Fairy House Series Village Vendors series started out with the idea that this village although primitive, is up to snuff with the humans. So the ideas are endless. Some of my designs just came from a small German village just north of my home. It's bavarian style and quaint shops are unique and that is what I wanted for this village. Not just homes or business with hum drum looks. I wanted them to be fantasy like. And hopefully I have accomplished that with this collection. Here ar

e just a few that I have sold or currently have in my Etsy shop. Some titles are: Chesapeake Cheese Hauz, Bree's Bed & Breakfast, Patty's Pixie Daycare, On a Roll Bread Shop and the Cappuccino Cafe. 

Other titles that will be appearing soon: Shoemaker, Clock Maker, Meggie Claery's Stitchery, Village Produce and more. I also have begun my Castle Guard series.


  Patty's Pixie Daycare


Many more designs have been created and more Village Vendors to come shortly!

Check out my Etsy shop for more Woodland Fairy Houses.

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